The Lodge La Charité, No6

Lodge of Construction No 5350 receives a Dutch Demonstration

Duch Demonstration

From left to right:-
Bro. P. Coelewj; Bro. R. Lindelauf; Bro. R. Speel;  Bro. J. Zwart; W.Bro. E. Willemse; W.Bro. D. Sukul; Bro. F. Eelman; W.Bro. H. Verbeet; Bro. B. Pleij; Bro. D. Van der Kroon; Bro. M. Pool
Bro Darren Perry,SW; W.Bro Nick Bridgman, WM;W.Bro Rob Bridgman, IPM

Following a successful visit to Amsterdam last year when Brethren of the Lodge of Construction demonstrated an English First Degree ceremony,  brethren from The Lodge La Charité, No 6, gave a demonstration of a  Dutch  First Degree ceremony at the Aldridge Masonic Hall. The ceremony was conducted – using a live (and willing!) candidate – to a packed temple in perfect English.  Whilst there are some similarities between the English and Dutch ritual there are also some significant differences, which the brethren had an opportunity to discuss over the buffet lunch which followed. The Dutch brethren were later welcomed as guests of the Lodge's Ladies' Formal Evening in aid of the Acorns Children's Hospice.

It is hoped that over the next few years the Brethren of the Lodge of Construction and Lodge La Charité will continue to give demonstrations of the Second and Third Degrees for each country. Discussions are ongoing about a visit to Amsterdam in May 2017, and any brother who would be interested in joining is encouraged to contact the Secretary of Lodge of Construction, W.Bro David Clay.