2017 – 2018 Charity is supporting “Tyler Murphy”

Tyler & his Mother Janice

Tyler Murphy is the nephew of the Worshipful Master. Tyler was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2010. He has subsequently spent several  spells in hospital undergoing numerous surgical procedures on his brain to reduce the tumor and physical repercussions arising therefrom.

All looked positive, but then in 2013 the tumor started to grow again. After another very serious procedure Tyler is in recovery. However he has been left needing to use a wheelchair and has several disabilities.

Despite this,Tyler, together with his mother, has set up a charity called   "Tyler's Trust." The charity specifically helps disadvantaged children receive presents during their stays in hospital to boost their morale. This charity has gathered momentum with BBC's Ferne Cotton being one of the Patrons.

Whilst Tyler has selflessly helped other children, his own family are struggling to raise enough money to build an extension to their home which allow Tyler to have a wet room and other facilities to help him be more independent.