Why Join LOC5350


At the end of each meeting, Freemasons raise their glasses, take wine and say, “Here's to our next happy meeting” and that is what they are.    They are meetings where you are always made most welcome, where there is a sense of order and dignity and where happiness is generated.   We are not a religion but do support those who attend places of worship. We raise enormous amounts of money for charities and we have many social events that include our ladies.   The standard of dress is upheld on all occasions with very satisfying results.   Most Lodges meet once a month between the months of September to March or April.    There is a dinner following each Lodge meeting and the ladies usually attend for dinner at the December meeting.   Becoming a member entitles you to visit other Lodges in the area, and also if you are interested, to be invited to join other side orders.    So if you are looking for an entirely new social environment which is wholesome and interesting you could take a first step and make contact.

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